Product Description

Symphonica brings beauty, grace and warmth back to a world dominated by flat and unfeeling plastic smartphone accessories. Its inspired, passionate design reminds that form can be just as valuable as function, capturing the attention and drawing the eyes to the flowing, organic patterns expressed in the natural wood grain.

Designed by a veteran audio engineer and constructed from environmentally friendly rubber wood, Symphonica uses no electricity yet boosts the sound from your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S smartphone speaker by more than 6db, filling the room by acoustically amplifying its sound.

The Symphonica Bluetooth Media Remote is unique and eye-catching, beautifully crafted in natural hardwood, making it the most stylish way to control your iPhone, Android phone, or any other Bluetooth remote compatible device from across the room.

This Symphonica Hardwood Smartphone Dock is elegantly carved from a single block of hardwood and comes with a top quality Lightning cable (or Micro-USB/USB-C cable for Android fans) so you can dock and charge your phone.

You can choose between a clear coat natural finish or dark wood stain finish.