Thanks for your Support!

Taking a product from idea to prototypes to production and onto the market takes a create deal of effort, perseverance, time, and of course money. We feel really blessed to have received the generous support from a great group of people who got behind us and helped make Symphonica a reality, and we’d like to acknowledge them publicly. Thanks so much everyone, we would never have gotten to this point without the backing of each and every one of you!

Wanda Aasen, Creston, BC, Canada









Anonymous, HK

Anonymous, Hong Kong


Cyrus B

Buphy, Atlanta, GA, USA

David C, Hong Kong

Canadian Muggie, Banff and beyond, Canada

James Candelo, Colombia

Helena Garví Casas

Chiemz, Brunei

Chooky, Australia

Cstylinn – Long Beach, CA!

Dazzark, SA Town, TX, USA

Logan B. DeCoursey

Dread Lioness

Brian Edwards


Alina Frost, Perth, Australia

A Fung

L Funk, Springfield, MO

Mike “Primomaestro” G. from Philadelphia!

Torsten Hanspach, Germany

Philip Haywood

Sassi Israel, Tel Aviv , Israel

Linda Ann Kaczynski Hong Kong

Jason Kenny, UK

Beaux Kyle

Jami Laes, Helsinki, Finland

Martin Lai, Hong Kong

Samuel Lam

Ken Law

Wai Kwok Law

Denis Leblond, Belgium

Louie Leung

Bill L’Hommedieu

Zheng Li,Beijing,China

Scott Lloyd

Love to Live, Boston, MA, USA

John Low, Hong Kong

Tommy Mc Cormick

Daulton McGregor

Amanda Montoya – SF Bay/Napa Valley area, USA

Babs Murray-Ure, Asheville, NC


guenther go ottendorferk

Gavin Phillips, Berkshire, UK

Grant Phillips, Swansea, Wales

Bernie Q, HK

Zachevsky Ronen , Israel .

Ryan, Savannah, GA, USA

Sam, Canada

A. Scholten

Richard SO

Chris Sunshine, Warsaw, Poland

TF Singapore

Wern Tsai , Singapore

Edwin U. Menor, Rancho Cordova, CA, USA


Victor, Vivian, Michael and Samuel

Isari Wara, Buri Ram, Thailand

Xinedow- Albuquerque NM

Yiwen, SG

Matthew Z