Beautiful Style, Beautiful Sound.

Forget boring plastic accessories and be inspired by the organic beauty of dark stained hardwood. Beautifully designed, worked, hand finished and packaged, the Symphonica Passive Acoustic Horn Speaker is a premium wood speaker you’ll love and be proud to give to everyone on your gift list. Symphonica is the unforgettable gift everyone you know needs and would love to receive but doesn’t yet have.

The Perfect One-of-a-Kind Gift.

Natural and elegant, each is a unique expression of a craftsman’s skill and nature’s beauty. The Symphonica speaker is an unforgettable gift that is sure to be appreciated and loved by anyone you give it to.

The Perfect Union of Form and Function.

Enhances sound, boosts volume, charges your phone, and provides a stylish stand and conversation piece. With its unique combination of beauty and usefulness, the Symphonica speaker is your perfect choice as the gift everyone needs but doesn’t yet have.


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Exquisite design.
Exceptional acoustic
A work of art.

Symphonica brings beauty, grace and warmth back to a world dominated by flat and unfeeling plastic smartphone accessories. Its inspired, passionate design reminds that form can be just as valuable as function, capturing the attention and drawing the eyes to the flowing, organic patterns expressed in the natural wood grain.

Designed by a veteran audio engineer and constructed from environmentally friendly rubber wood, Symphonica uses no electricity yet boosts the sound from your iPhone  or Samsung Galaxy S smartphone speaker, filling the room by acoustically amplifying its sound.

Absolutely everyone we’ve shown Symphonica to has fallen in love with it, wanted to touch it, hold it, and has asked when and where they could get one either for themselves or as a gift for someone else – and we know that you will love it too!

Truly Unique

Natural wood grain swirls and patterns make each Symphonica an individual as unique as you are, giving each speaker its own individual fingerprint and making it  your own personal art sculpture that adds character and charm to any room you place it in. Symphonica‘s elegant appearance and graceful flowing lines make it a welcome addition to any home or office, and a conversation starter the second your visitors lay their eyes on it.

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Innovation that gets attention.

Everyone we’ve shown the Symphonica speaker to has absolutely loved it. Order one today for yourself or as a gift for someone special and discover an exciting new way to listen to your phone and add a touch of elegance to any room in your home and office!

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